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The Off Road Supremacy (now known as Clarksville Performance) tried to screw me out of $4000. I ordered a new transmission from Simon and was continually told that it was on order. Then it was the bell housing adapter was on back order.

This went on for 3 months. Then I went in one day and found out that Simon ad bankrupted the business and that the business was under new ownership and renamed.

I don't know anything about the new business owner other than that he stated he would not be able to honor Simon's business dealings (this is BS but I got my money back from the bank since I used my credit card originally).

Bottom line, if you use TORS or Clarksville Performance be careful, and if you deal with Simon.....walk away and do not waste your time OR money!

Review about: Transmission.



Back when I was at Campbell, I hydro locked my engine so I needed a new one for my jeep.They needed $5500 dollars to get everything fixed so I had to get a loan and they wouldn't write check in my name but in the business name only and then come to find out 4 months later that they had gone bankrupt before i gave them the check i just now finished paying off the loan and that was 2 1/2 yrs ago that happened.

These guys are terrible even the step son he was in my old unit before he got out of the army and didn't even tell me what was going on, never go there!!!!!And Simon and his wife are the worst people of all do not trust them!!!!!!


My husband and I just moved here, and were told Clarksville Performance did good work. He initially did tires, rims and a lift kit. We've been waiting about a month for a "back ordered" set of bumpers. My husband has tried to email, call, go by the shop everything and gets no response. The shop is now empty, and Jeeps keep disappearing off the lot. My husband as of right now is out $1000.

When he went to pay them they gave a bogus story about having a $900 phonebill that they didn't charge up, as to why they wanted him to pay cash. Saying they couldn't run it through charge, because they refuse to pay the bill. In the end they ran it through as charge so my husband is filing a chargeback with his CC company.

This is the new management also known as the pretty good dude.

Do not do business with these people. Completely unprofessional. I was put off when the mother was cooking dinner on a hot plate in the middle of the "office". But, men don't tend to listen to their wives.

These people are disgusting, and should be incredibly embarrassed that they rip people off. And humiliated that they're ripping off troops.


His step son is a pretty good dude, but Simon shafted me to the tune of a grand.He planned on opening some type of vocational college on Campbell, if that's the case, there may be some way through them to recoup some money.

Does anyone know if the new place is still open?What the number is?


These guys are horrible like everyone else probably knows they take forever to get anything done.I'm getting a whole new engine and tranny swap and they continually told me when to expect it to be finishe I'm now going on the 7 month that I've been without my jeep!!!

I would suggest not even going to them just do it urself, it's more reliable that way.

Oh yea and the new ownership is his step son so go figure!!Never go to these guys for anything!!!!!

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